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Dr John Edmund Adjei

Talk to someone who really cares about your mental health and wellbeing.

Dr John Edmund Adjei, works with clients across a broad range of mental health issues such as individual and couple/family psychotherapy and counselling. We treat a wide range of issues that clients may be experiencing may include but not limited to trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, eating disorders, addictions, identity, sexuality, grief and loss, and stress management, relationship issues and domestic violence, family/parenting issues and life transitions.


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Who Can Get Counselling?

I compassionately with others needing support for a variety of reasons. Services for individuals, couples, families, blended families, groups and those seeking premarital relationship counselling, life coaching and more.

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Need A Good Listener?

I listen attentively to provide skilled and knowledgeable support for all sorts of things like emotional distress, mental health, transitions, grief and loss, anger management, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and the list goes on!

When you need someone to talk to.

Service Locations

I offer 3 location options for conducting face-to-face services by appointment only.

1. At Our Physical Address Location –  4 Sandstock Street, PItt Town NSW 2576
2. Online – Telehealth services are available online via the Zoom platform.
3. Home visits – in-person appointments are conducted in the privacy of your home. Only available to the areas listed below.


Pitt Town




Windsor Downs


Windsor South




Rouse Hill








McGrath Hill




North Kellyville




Box Hill


Castle HIll




Baulkham Hills


Wisemans Ferry


Marsden Park






Rob's crossing




The Ponds

JEA Psychotherapy & Counselling

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Some clients with private health with Bupa, Medibank and AHM may be entitled to receive free counselling or be may receive a rebate. (depending on their health insurance policy.)

JEA Psychotherapy & Counselling

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long do sessions go for?

Sessions are 1 hour, or longer by arrangement. We are available to work face-to-face with clients in Pitt Town, online and via the Zoom platform.

See the duration of individual sessions on our Pricing page.


What can I expect during my first therapy session?

In our first session, we will spend establishing a good relationship based on trust and respect. We will take some details, explain the contract for services, and discuss what brings you in. We will have an idea of what is going on for you and establish your goals for our time together. The number of sessions may be determined by the problem. You may only want one or two sessions but sometimes getting to the root of a problem, and developing new skills and resilience takes time. My goal is to support you for as much or as little time as you require. 

Read Dr John Edmund Adjei’s article: Going To Your First Appointment.


Do you offer services to those in remote areas?

If you live in a remote area or live in a different country, we can arrange for phone or Zoom sessions, which can be just as effective as face-to-face sessions. Please give us a call or send us an email if this is something you are interested in.

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Dr John Edmund Adjei


Dr John Edmund Adjei (JEA) is a gentle, humble, warm and prudent counsellor who is passionate to see individuals, couples and families find the pricelessness of life and a path to holistic recovery, relationship restoration, and achieving their full potential.

Google Reviews

Robin Berner
Robin Berner
06:21 06 Aug 19
I've been going to counselling for almost two years and it has been the best experience for me. I have grown so much as... a person since I started. Edmund is a very great person/ counsellor. He is professional, trustworthy and has a great heart for people. I will definitely continue to do counselling with him! Very more
Craige Riley
Craige Riley
08:13 09 Jul 18
I have been receiving counselling from Edmund for over a year now and he has helped me overcome issues is many areas of... my life. Edmund is incredibly professional and caring, he is the perfect listener and is dedicated to his craft and clients. I am in a much better place now compared to a year ago all due to the help he gave, I am very thankful for more
Rafael Oliveira
Rafael Oliveira
07:40 19 Jun 18
Edmund is a great counsellor. He pays careful attention to you during the conversations, helps you figuring out the... root of the issues, instead of simply treating external symptoms, and provides very practical advice. I've been treating with him for around a year now, learning new things and making some good progress. I would definitely recommend more
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Articles & News

JEA Counselling & Psychotherapy’s posts are designed to keep you informed. Scroll through these below to find a topic of interest.

Making Your First Appointment

Making your first appointment with Dr Adjei? Read this useful information before you go ahead and book your first appointment.

Going To Your First Appointment? Great!

Going to your first appointment may make you feel nervous. But preparing ahead of time and knowing what to expect can help calm your nerves.

Undergoing Psychotherapy

Undergoing Psychotherapy isn’t about a psychotherapist telling you what to do. It’s an active collaboration between you and the psychotherapist.

Understanding Medication

There are some psychological conditions, such as severe depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, where understanding medication is clearly warranted.

Assessing Psychotherapy’s Effectiveness

Psychotherapists offer more than someplace to vent. Psychotherapists have years of training and experience that help people improve their lives.

Knowing When You’re Done

Dr John Edmund Adjei makes it clear that knowing when you’re done or when you’ve reached the best possible outcome with therapy is different for everyone.

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